Moire Patterns

Berlin based artist Nikolaos aka Moire Patterns, spent his early years exposed in different music cultures. His musicality surfaced early while studying classical music, using the guitar to learn the fundamentals of melody & rhythm. Surrounded by Classic & Latin Rhythms, as well as rich melodies, he developed simultaneously a strong curiosity for a diverse musical styles as well as an interest in electronic music acts in the likes of Depeche Mode, Front 242 and Jean Michel Jarre.

A while later, Nikola (to his friends and family) moved to Spain where he started his own record shop in Seville and a booking agency in Granada and also lived in Andalusia. Later he moved to Ibiza and began to travel widely djing in several countries such as Germany, Italy, Balkans & Greece. Ever since one can hear his melodies in clubs throughout Europe. He experienced the machine sounds of techno as it made waves across Europe during the early years of raves and acid house,t and reacquainted his world with deep techno soul chords & rhythms.

Over the years Moire Patterns has come to balance the ultimate analogy between disco, soul and house music with very special records. His sounds are simply timeless, emotional & spiritual. Nikola’s mixes are widely appreciated because of their graceful melodies, love for detail and colorful patterns merging into an amazing rhythm. Focusing on the deep side of the music. In the past years he has organized several parties and shared the decks together with 16B, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Alex Barck, Atjazz & Nomubha, to name only a few.

Moire Patterns’ passion in music is constantly fueling his desire to compose and produce. Except his debut release on CLAAP Nikola has also releases with Knuggles Recordings. He also runs “Homeless House”, a project together with one of his dearest friends and Berlin disco and house veteran, Dj Kriton. In the meantime there are more things CLAAP from this up and coming producer pretty soon.