Lower East at Kater Blau

Lower East with Nikola Gala coming up in June at Kater Blau.


Republic Artists w/ Nikola Gala

Nikola Gala will head to the Czech Republic next month to play at Chapeau Rouge in Prague!



Night Fever #3 w/ GummiHz

Night Fever #3 at Anita Berber here in Berlin this Wednesday. GummiHz will play an eclectic dance set alongside Stratos of Phonograph music.



CHICness at Club Division

CHICness invited Nikola Gala for their next party at Club Division in Thessaloniki.



SRH Boronas at Balsaal

Catch DJ Boronas of Square Room Heroes at Balsaal this coming Saturday!

Electronic Seikilos brings electronic music to schools

GummiHz and Kindimmer have both contributed tracks for the Electronic Seikilos compilation. A project ran by USM recordings in Greece.