GummiHz presents Alles Claap

GummiHz, Various artists

Alles Claap vol.1 is our first compilation. Curated and mixed by label owner GummiHz. “GummiHz presents Alles Claap vol.1” marks the first milestone to the labels short lifespan, spreading the message of Claap. Our sound! And we are glad to have some of our favourite producers on board, who responded to our call on remixing tracks from our back catalog. It is a great honour for everyone at ClaapHQ to see your response to each of our releases and this exclusive selection of music is a way to say thank you. GummiHz presents ‘Alles Claap vol.1’ brings an elegant note to expose you to inspiring and fresh dance music.

A strong cast of producers here with Jerome Sydenham, Jimpster, D’Julz, Santonio Echols, Manoo, Oskar Offermann and Claap core artists John Dimas and Nikola Gala. All have stepped up with some excellent interpretations on early Claap releases, focused strongly on the dancefloor. The result is a stunning mix showing Claap’s pure club sound experience. Elegantly knit together in a fantastic mix by GummiHz featuring all the remixes, along with previously released material plus a GummiHz exclusive new track recorded especially for this mix. Alles Claap is a story about the label’s past, present and future all taking place spontaneously!

Having played various parties around the globe and with a plethora of diverse productions coming on all levels of house, techno, disco and more, Alex Tsotsos has built a strong reputation with his projects and GummiHz is a strong proof of this. In his usually extensive dj sets he is known to effortlessly fuse together elements of different tracks in constant evolving transitions. A very versatile and saught after dj, Alex is highly respected amongst the international dance community and at the top of greece’s talent export in electronic music. It has been the past couple of years that Alex kept himself under the radar having started his own path by launching three labels (Claap, C-EDITS, Raw Instinct). A necessary step to his artistic development, being at the time more associated with Berlin’s Mobilee records after having released many singles, a debut album and one of the milestone mixes in the label’s back to back compilation series. Without of course holding back on the productions in the past couple of years, as Alex has released a plethora of singles on Real Tone, Ibadan records, Wolf + Lamb, Defected, Claap and many more under different projects and labels.

Fast forward to Alles Claap vol.1 which carries the GummiHz characteristic mixing signature. Starting off in sophisticated afro beat mood with Manoo’s remix on Secret Voyage by GummiHz. While Square Room Heroes acapella version of “Now is the time” calls you to lets yourself go and release the freak. Followed by Jimpster’s simply amazing dramatic take on “White flowers” by GummiHz and Nikola Gala. Oskar Offermann’s has a strong reputation for being one of the most inspiring cosmic house producers of our times and his take on “Rejuvenation” by GummiHz is a strong proof of this. A very elegant piece of Detroit house made in Berlin! Detroit’s own Santonio Echols’ timeless remix on “Music 89” by Moire Patterns, recently out on Claap, raises the kinetic energy bar only to pave the path for GummiHz monstrous dub take on John Dimas’ “Self control”. Check the bassline on that really! Its low! Followed by D’Julz’s quirky take on “Ruff Passage” by GummiHz. Rolling up the drums for John Dimas’ early morning 5AM mix of “Party People” by Nikola Gala, preserving the action to boiling point. It is Jerome Sydenham’s remix on “Real People” by Quell that picks up the momentum to mature techno by a highly respected modern veteran of NY house and the world stage. Nikola Gala’s remix on “Quick Dance” by John Dimas, brings the Gala flagship obliterating beats. Talking about beats, “Beatz” by GummiHz lays the carpet for a very special closing track specially produced by GummiHz just for this mix. “Intensity” soothes out the mood without changing it in the last minute! A very elegant, mature, involving and fresh mix. The perfect soundtrack to your summer nights and any season!

In its short lifespan, Claap has released more than a few tracks that have gained their place in the hearts and bags or crates of many. Projecting exciting new talent in the global circuit through a strong focus on the music above anything else. The result is a plethora of quality dance tracks by label boss GummiHz on one side along with amazing records by Claap household names like Nikola Gala and John Dimas in just a couple of years. Songs like ‘Secret Voyage’ by GummiHz, ‘Quick dance’ by John Dimas and ‘Oasy’ by Nikola Gala being only a few examples. Adding to the bill are exciting newcomers the Square Room Heroes, Quell, BODJ and recent signee Moire Patterns. All inspiring artists who belong to an exiting new wave of dance producers.