Claap is an independent record label launched in 2010 in Berlin. The label’s output focuses mainly on modern house and techno.

So far, Claap has released music and remixes from artists like Nikola Gala, Oskar Offermann, Jimpster, D’Julz, John Dimas, Kindimmer, Square Room Heroes, Moire Patterns, Santonio Echols, Karim Sahraoui, Nightdrivers. While having also introduced new talents like Kindimmer, John Dimas, Square Room Heroes, Bodj  and Nicola Regulus too name a few. A catalog that has gained many fans around the globe. New York, Berlin, Munich, Washington, Toronto, Mexico city, Athens, Thessaloniki, Paris, Playa Del Carmen and Santo Domingo are some of the place that have hosted Claap parties!

Visit our channel Claap TV  featuring artist interviews, dj or live performances and more content.