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GummiHz & Nikola Gala

Sapfo EP

On it’s first installment, Claap features a collaboration between two of Greece’s finest exports in house and techno. Label owner GummiHz and Nikola Gala offer a 3 tracker that’s bound to make floors shake. Three wonderful and mature tracks including elements spanning from jazz to ethnic to a total mind trip! On side A the guys have produced two excellent tech house grooves. “Sapfo”, an organic drum groove sets the stage as a haunting female voice takes you back to the Byzantine years! The jazz influenced track “White Flowers” main groove consists of an acoustic bass and a piano. The track evolves nicely before breaking down into a full jazz theme. The AA side features “Deception”, a hypnotic track for dark rooms and late hours. Tightly structured, it’s easily the sort of track that makes you lose it to on the dancefloor. All in all, this package offers a mature and well crafted sound that’s very functional for DJs while at the same time very enjoyable for the crowd! Ladies and gents its time to claap!

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