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Rejuvenation EP

Next release on Claap is another GummiHz affair. After his last release “Head Rush” was snatched by the guys at Defected for the Defected ITH series, Alex is back with his next record aptly titled “Rejuvenation”. This two tracker carries a pair of absolutely necessary house grooves. Rejuvenation features an elegant arpeggio that builds up to an intense crescendo bound to hypnotize dancefloors the world over. Elegantly produced it carries GummiHz ‘s signature sound and explores a similar territory to Secret Voyage (CLAAP004) which has received overwhelming responses since its release last June. The motif on the flip side “Until the sunrise” remains similar but with a more mature approach, showcasing Alex’s endless sonic diversity. Add a bonus beatzz extract to round up an essential EP for the open air season!!

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