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Jimpster / D'Julz

Alles Claap vol.1 - part 1 (vinyl sampler)

12th release on the label and this spring comes full of surprises. With our first compilation in sight titled “Alles Claap vol.1 presented by GummiHz” scheduled for June, label head Gummihz has invited some of his favourite producers to remix songs from the label’s catalogue. Alles Claap vol.1 will see a series of four vinyl singles throughout spring with a double cd including 9 exclusive remixes and a very special dj mix by GummiHz, looking back on the label’s lifespan in the past two years. This is the first single in the series featuring two great remixes from two constant forces in the club scene. These are none other than Jimpster and D’Julz. Jimpster is a name thats been associated with quality productions and has proved to be a constant creative force through the years, with various releases on esteemed labels ,as well as his own highly resprected Freerange imprint. Jamie gives a totally new spin on “White flowers” by GummiHz and Nikola Gala. Imagine that we are talking about an original that even has a part of a band playing a full jazz theme and Jamie found the way to bring even more action to this! Captivating stuff! On the flip side we are happy to have a remix from one of the modern staples in the french house front. D’Julz needs no introduction really. With a strong reputation for modern, swinging house grooves, Julien has released original music on many well established labels as well as his own exquisit Bass Culture imprint. Julien has cut, flipped and reversed all essential elements in GummiHz’s “Ruff passage” to a groove that keeps rolling non stop. Flawless! A must have for your record collection.

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