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     Thanasis Voulgaris, the person behind the moniker Kindimmer comes from the city of Volos in Greece. In 2009, after a few releases under another alias, he decided to renew his musical persona by giving birth to Kindimmer. Kindimmer strongly focuses on a mixture of techno and deep house. The first results of his new work were out on german labels like Resopal Schallware  and Diaphan music, to name a few.


     Drawing inspiration from various musical styles from the leftfield to jazz as well as house and techno. Kindimmer’s influences are clear on his heavy sound and bouncy basslines, having been a fan right at the start of the modern UK electronic music scene.


     Nowadays, Kindimmer resides in Berlin where he has recently set up his studio. Following the success of the “Shadow and Construction Ep” on swedish label Local Talk, his sophisticated sound became more and more recognizable.  Kindimmer’s carefully selected releases aim on quality over quantity.




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