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Nikola Gala

     Part of the exciting wave of Greek talents coming up in house and techno over the last decade, Nikola Gala is a prolific producer whose impeccably produced tracks have become big releases for Ibadan, Rekids,Freerange and Plastic City; all labels which represent true quality in the world of underground dance music. Armed with little more than a mixtape of random techno tunes and the first two albums of The Prodigy as a teenager, Nikola Gala embarked on his musical journey which has lasted over 15 years. Producing since 1995, DJ since 2000, Gala founded his own record label called Escada Music, has traveled with his music around to the world serenading dancefloors in Tokyo, London, Madrid, Moscow and Stockholm, and impressed even the most hardened dance music journalist and critic with his clever productions, and a comprehension of sound that knows no borders.

     Nikola’s musical output and DJ style has evolved and reinvented itself many times over the years, always incorporating fresh new elements while remaining relevant and interesting. In fact, after a perusal of Nikolas back catalog, one might wonder if there’s something he isn’t capable of producing! Nikolas first records of progressive house music were released on the most spotlight labels of the genre including Armada,Lost Language, Renaissance, Intrinsic and Audio Therapy. In 2005 after switching to a more sophisticated, deep house style, Nikola was gaining attention for making rich tracks with a sharp tech edge, like “Everything Is You” on Stripped recordings. “What helps me most in developing my sound” Nikola explains, “is the music scene itself”. There are so many good producers releasing amazing material week by week, it’s what pushes me to explore new sounds.” This is precisely what he did in 2008 after dancing all night long to Âme. Nikola came home and wrote “Kilo Tango” the EP that would signify a major turning point in his career. Techno producer Jerome Sydenham would release Kilo Tango on his renowned label Ibadan, and later commission Nikola for yet another release “Brooklyn Rock”. “Beyond Nikola’s diverse creative talents”, remarks Sydenham, “I really appreciate his inner balance as an individual and wish him only the best”.

      Since then, more excellent releases under Nikolas belt and a relocation to Berlin have only encouraged and fostered his promising career. Consider the passionate vibes of the track “Broken Chords” on Freerange, or the experimental ethno-mesmeric collaborations with Claap records founder and good friend, GummiHz. Nikola is especially proud of his releases for Rekids – regarded by many as one of the leading record labels in the entire underground scene. Nikola acknowledges the move to Berlin has influenced his sound, but is quick to reassure us of another constant characteristic of his music: “I like to play energetic music with an uplifting character, even if I play deep or tech-house beats. People are going to clubs to have a good time and enjoy themselves, so bringing a smile to peoples faces is priority number one for me. Armed with undeniable talent, imagination and the gift of soulful expression, we can only imagine what the future holds for Nikola.




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