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Workz on dope

Next number on Claap and it is another special offering. For our 16th release we welcome new kid on the Berlin block Kindimmer. We have had an eye on this upcoming creative spirit in a while and everyone was buzzing at ClaapHQ when we got the tracks that Kindimmer sent over. The grooves on both tracks got us so hooked that we asked Kindimmer to produce locked grooves out of these beauties and turn this release into a locked album! On side A “Workz on dope” is a house groove reminiscent of that MCDE aesthetic but done in Kindimmer’s own and unique production attitude. Hailing from Volos its by no luck that we have nicknamed Kindimmer as Volos city drum ensemble! Next to “Workz on dope” we have added 3 locked grooves full of elements appealing to the djs who like to work it while playing! On the flip “The distraction of fever” has that characteristic raw Detroit vibe. Dominant stabs and a serious groove full of beeef! This one is for these moments when turnng the heat up is the only way to go! There are 3 locked grooves on this side too, which are extracts from “The distraction of fever”. Another Claap record set to turn heads and raise hands on the dancefloor. House music from B to the D!

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