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GummiHz presents Alles Claap vol.1

Alles Claap vol.1 is our first compilation. Curated and mixed by label owner GummiHz. “GummiHz presents Alles Claap vol.1” marks the first milestone to the labels short lifespan, spreading the message of Claap. Our sound! And we are glad to have some of our favourite producers on board, who responded to our call on remixing tracks from our back catalog. It is a great honour for everyone at ClaapHQ to see your response to each of our releases and this exclusive selection of music is a way to say thank you. GummiHz presents ‘Alles Claap vol.1’ brings an elegant note to expose you to inspiring and fresh dance music. A strong cast of producers here with Jerome Sydenham, Jimpster, D’Julz, Santonio Echols, Manoo, Oskar Offermann and Claap core artists John Dimas and Nikola Gala. All have stepped up with some excellent interpretations on early Claap releases, focused strongly on the dancefloor. The result is a stunning mix showing Claap’s pure club sound experience. Elegantly knit together in a fantastic mix by GummiHz featuring all the remixes, along with previously released material plus a GummiHz exclusive new track recorded especially for this mix. Alles Claap is a story about the label’s past, present and future all taking place simultaneously!

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