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Groove is in the Hertz - part 1

The silence is over! GummiHz is back on the release front! A dedicated frequency explorer, GummiHz follows a philosophy that making music should always be adventurous, interesting and fun. For this reason, he has dedicated the last couple of years in rebuilding his studio setup and now it is time to share the fruits of this expedition. “Groove is in the Hertz” includes a selection of recordings, showcasing the perspective of GummiHz on minimal house and techno. The series is split into parts with part one featuring two minimal cuts. “Aerini”, on side A, offers eleven and a half minutes of miinimal techno bliss. Anthemic voices combined with live recordings set a balearic atmosphere, while sitting elegantly on top of finely programmed rhythmics and basslines. Flip it over and “Out Out” brings out even more rhythm to the game.

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