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Claap essentials

Essentials is an exclusive digital package of new music by Claap. 10 esential tracks for any season. Curated by Claap chief Alex Tsotsos, also known as GummiHz, this pack includes exclusive new music solely produced for this project. Starting off with „Ou Ye“, a track previously released on the vinyl only Raw Instinct series, launched by GummiHz back in 2010. The record sold out within days of release and so by popular demand it is now released exclusively for the „Essentials“ package. Second up are new Claap signings the Nightdrivers with „Na canzone stonata“. A stylish and fresh rolling oldschool house track. Third up is „Gravity“ by Ekkohaus, who also makes his long awaited debut with this excellent groover keeping the tension high! Track number four is courtesy of Claap mainstay Kindimmer. „Lost in time“ carries his signature sounds which has gained him many fans since the past couple of years. Next up is „Ursa Mayorq“ by newcomer Nicola Regulus. At just 18 years of age, Nicola debuts his first ever release on Claap with a chugger of a groove! „Tres cojones“ is a perfectly balanced house tool by Claap artist Moire Patterns. Its been a while since his last release back in 2013 and Moire Patterns proves that his sound combines all the right elements again and again! BODJ has recently released his second ep for Claap providing modern and mature techo tracks. „Altair“ continues in the same lines and simply keeps us hooked for more! Following is another Claap debut. This time we welcome the exciting production duo of Edgar Jack & Zare. Based in London, the guys have sent us a couple of versions of their „Interstellar 2000“ and we simply couldnt resist the offer! Deep, hypnotizing and excellently crafted techno! Followed by yet another Claap favorite Nikola Gala. ‘Sayta“ proves yet again Gala’s unique production skills and elevate the energy bar as much as necessary! Finally our heroes are back! The Square Room Heroes have been keeping up with releases and recently they sat and produced some mesmerising music. „E2“ is pure minimal bliss!

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