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Various Artists

Five years Claap (vinyl sampler)

Vinyl sampler release for the upcoming compilation celebrating five years of Claap with music by GummiHz, Nikola Gala and Kindimmer. The opening track by GummiHz, titled ‘Paraphonic state’, explores the beauty of paraphony. Produced solely by using a drum machine and a paraphonic synthesizer, the arrangement focuses on the bare essentials of a monster of a track! Moving between the lines of Detroit techno and minimalism, a sound that GummiHz has build a reputation  for. Nikola Gala offers an updated version of ‘Paradise’. The track first appeared as a tool on our third release back in 2011. For the five years of the label, Nikola found it appropriate to rework on the tool and turn it into a powerful track. Tight, dirty and raw! Kindimmer has also become a strong part of our core since his first appearance on Claap. His track ‘Everything looks yellow’ is another excellent production by an artist who knows how to handle rough and smooth! A smooth melody locks over some solid drums that carry this ‘rough’ sound that has helped him build a strong reputation amongst fans of electronic music.

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