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Various Artists

Five years Claap

Digital exclusive compilation celebrating five years of Claap. Claap is five years old! In this time the label has released more than twenty singles and a handfull of compilations on vinyl, cds and digital exclusive packs. Having also organized Claap nights in venues around the world while keeping its fans in the loop with videos of artist features and live dj mixes on its channel Claap TV! A new track by label chief GummiHz, titled ‘Paraphonic state’, explores the beauty of paraphony. Produced solely by using a drum machine and a paraphonic synthesizer, the arrangement focuses on the bare essentials of a monster of a track! Moving between the lines of Detroit techno and minimalism, a sound that GummiHz is famous for. Nikola Gala’s offers his updated version of ‘Paradise’. The track first appeared as a tool on our third release back in 2011. For the five years of the label, Nikola found it appropriate to rework on the tool and turn it into a powerful track. Tight, dirty and raw! Upcoming talent Kindimmer has also become a strong part of our core since his first appearance on Claap. His track ‘Everything looks yellow’ is another excellent production by an artist who knows how to handle rough and smooth! A smooth melody locks over some solid drums that carry this ‘rough’ sound that has helped him build a strong reputation amongst Claap fans. Karim Sahraoui, also known as Djinxx, needs no introduction really. With releases on labels like Trasnmat, Cocoon, Ovum plus his own Mirakles Music, we are very happy to have the first production of his on Claap. Karim knows sound well and you can hear it on the quality of his productions. ‘Tunnel of love’ sucks you in with its sweet melancholy, familiar only to the modern romantics who can appreciate the power of love! A track produced with elegance that works any time of the day or night. Next up are the Square Room Heroes. Our heores have worked on two tracks for this package. One half of the heroes, Boronas has teamed up with Dub Resort! ‘Zero zero one’ is a solid and fully functional track for heavy club use! Keinton, the other half of the Square Room Heroes, offers ‘E1’. The prequel to ‘E2’ released on the ‘Essentials’ compilation back in 2014. Acid lines, misty vocals and tight grooves lock together seamlessly and create the right energy for the dancefloor. Finally, it is Claap wunderkind Nicola Regulus with a new track. At just 19 years of age, Nicola was discovered by label chief GummiHz back in 2014. His second track for the label is titled „False Cross“ is another proof of the skills that this young producer posses. Strong stabs combined with powerful drum programming that travel the distance from his hometown in the north of Greece and all the way to Detroit!

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